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Dubai Rolls Out New Generation Plates After Single Code Shortage

Come 1st January 2020, car owners will be required to upgrade their vehicle’s number plate to Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) new generation number plates.

New generation number plates in Dubai

Car number plates can be quite a prized possession in Dubai, especially those with few digits however things could well possibly change as RTA, Dubai’s vehicle licensing body is revamping the design of the number plate, including its code, digits and the Dubai brand.

dubai number plate rta
Photograph credit: RTA

New generation number plates mandatory by 2020

Starting next year, every car owner will have to upgrade their vehicle number plate to the latest design. The process will involve a one-time fee of Dhs 35 for the small plate and Dhs 50 for the long plate. RTA said, “As of January 1, 2020, it is mandatory for all personal vehicles to get the new designed license plates. As for vehicles owned by private and public sectors, their license plates can be changed starting July 2019.”

Single code number plates “nearing exhaustion”

RTA’s move to revamp the number plate design will help address the shortage of single code plates, as it’s “nearing exhaustion”. This means number plates will have double codes like ‘AA’ or ‘AB’ in the near future. The licensing body said, “The move is also consistent with RTA’s preparations for issuing dual code plates, especially as the stock of single-code plates is nearing exhaustion.”

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