Dubai Safari Park to open in October after 2 years closed
Dubai Safari Park to open in October after 2 years closed

Dubai Safari Park to re-open next month after 2 years closed

Dubai Safari Park is to re-open this October after closing more than two years ago. The park will officially re-open on Monday, October 5.

The news was announced via their Instagram account.

Re-opening after 2 years

The park first opened in December 2017 but closed shortly after in May 2018.

The park covers 119 hectares – which is the equivalent of 150 football pitches.

Dubai Safari Park is home to over 3,000 animals and is split into several sections. The Asian Village features tigers, gibbons and moon bears while the Arabian Village houses wolves, gazelles and oryx. The African Village is where you’ll find big game animals including lions and giraffes.

And for those worried about the animal welfare, the park states that it has undergone a “comprehensive renovation and development process aimed at expanding the facilities of the park and further enriching the visitor experience”.

Adult tickets start from AED50, kids are AED20 and children under three are free.

Dubai to split the sea?

Staying in the entertainment world, there are some seriously out-of-this-world plans for Dubai in the pipeline.

Planners in Dubai have created plans for Pharaoh’s Pass in the UAE which will literally split the Arabian Gulf to the sea bed, creating a giant aquarium and huge tourist attraction.

While still very much in the development phase, the plan would involve splitting the sea in half, echoing the famous myth of Moses parting the Red Sea.

Once the sea has been parted, it would be turned into a major tourist attraction. And another global landmark for the region. As you can see from the video below, it’s a huge project.