Dubai Safari Park to re-open next week
Dubai Safari Park to re-open next week

Dubai Safari Park re-opens today

Dubai Safari Park, home to 3,000 animals from across the world, re-opens on September 27 for its 2021 season.

The park is designed to house animals in a climate-controlled environment similar to their natural habitat. And they’ve got a huge range of wildlife across their 116-hectare park.

In total, Dubai Safari Park is home to 78 different animals species. Including 10 carnivores, 17 primates and 50 different types of reptiles. And they also have 111 different bird species plus amphibians and invertebrates.

The park also has the world’s first drive-through crocodile exhibit. We just hope you don’t get a flat tyre and have to change it in the middle!

And it has drive-through lion, hippo and tiger exhibits.

Please keep those windows wound up!

The park is also offering its first-ever behind-the-scenes experience. A trained animal shepherd will help you get close to animals, teach you about their habitat and the best ways to care for them.

The Dubai Safari Park also has some new guests this year. They include the squirrel monkey, Mona monkey, Arabian wolf, and the northern white-cheeked gibbon.

And head’s up wolves fans – the Arab wolf enclosure is now 10,000 square meters bigger. And now includes sand dunes, local trees and water holes, replicating their natural habitat.

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