Dubai set food prices
Dubai set food prices

Dubai sets prices for shopping essentials including milk, bread and water

Dubai has set minimum and maximum prices for 41 common food items to help keep prices fair during the Coronavirus.

The Price Monitor list was revealed by the Dubai Economy department and includes set prices for rice, bread, flour, milk, eggs and water.

It also includes set prices for hygiene essentials including face masks and sanitisers.

The Price Monitor will let shoppers and businesses track and compare the prices of essential items. And they’ll also be checking on supply and demand in Dubai’s stores to make sure stocks are kept in place.

You can check the set prices in Dubai for food at

The move is to “strengthen communication with consumers and enable them to raise their complaints and queries on price increases faster and easier.”

Which is great news for any Dubai shoppers who have seen dramatic and unfair price increases in the last month.

And the UAE has already started taking action, with three pharmacies fined for price tampering recently.

There is more good news as well. Mother nature has started reclaiming the streets of Dubai, with gazelles seen roaming the streets of Dubai!