Dubai suspends all non-urgent surgeries for one month
Dubai suspends all non-urgent surgeries for one month

Dubai suspends all non-urgent surgeries for one month

The Dubai Health Authority has stopped all non-urgent surgeries until February 19 to ‘maintain the highest quality of care.’

The halt to surgery across Dubai includes applies to ‘therapeutic surgeries that require deep sedation or general anaesthesia.’

The list of procedures still allowed includes neurosurgical procedures, fractures and corrective orthopaedic procedures, cardiological and radiological interventions, stone and urological stent removals.’

Dubai bans all entertainment with immediate effect

The Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) has issued strict new instructions that all hotels and restaurants must stop entertainment activities with immediate effect.

Recent inspections have found more than 200 violations for breaching Covid-19 guidelines. And they’ve gone one step further at some places and closed down 20 establishments.

The entertainment suspension comes into effect today across Dubai, Thursday January 21. And it will continue indefinitely until further notice.

The official statement from the DTCM says: “The department will continuously assess the new situation with the health authorities. We appreciate your constant cooperation and value your efforts to serve the public good and protect the health and safety of society”.

What the new rule means in practice is that no bars, restaurants and venues will be able to have singers, DJs or dancers. Bars and restaurants will still be open and able to serve food and drinks.

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