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An Emirati sci-fi film has recently been added to Netflix and features spaceships taking over Dubai.

Aerials was originally released in 2016 but it’s recently been picked up by Netflix on a global distribution deal.

The sci-fi feature film was directed by S A Zaidi and produced by Ghanem Ghubash and took three years to make. The duo also self-funded the film via their Fat Brothers Film production studio. And that work has hopefully paid off after Netflix snapped it up! And with over 167 million subscribers, that’s a lot of possible new fans!

The film’s plot involves a global alien take-over and focusses on Dubai. And in the light of the Coronavirus pandemic, it has a very relatable storyline.

It’s not the first time Dubai has been caught on film for Netflix.

Recent Netflix smash hit 6 Underground was filmed in Abu Dhabi. And, of course, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol featured Tom Cruise swinging around the Burj!

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