Dubai Taxis now using AI to tell if you're wearing a face mask
Dubai Taxis now using AI to tell if you're wearing a face mask

Dubai taxis now using AI to detect if you’re wearing a face mask

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now operating across taxis in Dubai to make sure you’re correctly wearing your face mask.

The cutting-edge technology is being used to make sure you’re in line with the new Covid-19 guidelines that state you must wear a face mask at all times on public transport.

Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) announced that the AI device can scan human faces and recognise if a mask is not being worn. And it will even measure the distance between passenger and driver to help ensure social distancing!

The AI technology can also sift through 200,000 hours of footage a day, meaning some poor worker doesn’t have to analyse the data.

After a successful trial, the AI tech will be rolled out to all cars in the fleet. So make sure to have your face mask on in Dubai!

Taxi for one!

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