Dubai teenager sets up good news only website
Dubai teenager sets up good news only website

Dubai teenager starts good news website to counter global gloom

A Dubai teenager has started a brand new website where the only news is good news. And after the year we’ve had, the DubaiLAD team 100% agree!

Anoushka Ghosh started her Happy News website earlier this year and pulls together feel-good news from across the world. And as well as good news, the website also covers good news in business, sport, entertainment and technology.

A 17-year-old Anoushksa told the Gulf News: “As I looked around, the news is not all gloomy. There are sprouts of positivity growing in different places in the world which are just not getting the news space that it should get in people’s mind. I felt such news need to be actively promoted, as positivity needs to be spread, not only for our mental health but also for the economy. It is like a happiness-booster website with doses of positivity.”

Her site uses AI to pull together the right stories from eight different countries including America, India, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Switzerland ad the UAE.

Anoushka started programming the site in May and launched it in July. And there’s even an app on its way.

“This (Happy News) is not any commercial endeavour, but my outreach to the community to spread positivity and help with the mental health of the general public, particularly the youth.”

So if you need dose of good news in Dubai, you now know where to head apart from DubaiLAD!