Dubai tenants can leave their contract early in Dubai
Dubai tenants can leave their contract early in Dubai

Dubai tenants can end their contract early if seriously effected by the Coronavirus pandemic

A senior judge in Dubai has ruled that tenants can break their rental contract without paying a penalty if they were hit hardship during the Coronavirus pandemic.

So that’s most people, then!

If you’ve lost your job or had a reduction in income, it means residents could move during a 12-month lease without paying a penalty. Under current laws, tenants can be charged up to two months rent if they leave their contract early.

Force majeure

The judgement was made by Judge Abdulqader Musa, director of the Rental Disputes Centre.

“During these exceptional times, tenants are indeed able to request for early termination of a contract with a landlord due to force majeure, whereby they would not have any viable alternative,” Judge Musa told The National.

Such circumstances are being handled on a case-by-case scenario by the RDC to, among others, confirm the integrity of the termination and validate the tenant’s reasons for doing so.”

The judge also called for property owners to show compassion in the industry to Dubai tenants.

“During such unprecedented times, it is the responsibility of all respective parties to adhere to co-operate and support one another, taking account their circumstances and being prepared to waive some of their rights until this exceptional global crisis subsides,” Judge Musa said.

563 disputes have been settled this year up until the end of May.

In other news, Dubai renters are looking forward to paying less money in these turbulent Coronavirus times.