TikTok user arrested after blowing nose on AED500 note
TikTok user arrested after blowing nose on AED500 note

Dubai TikTok user arrested for blowing nose on AED500 note

A TikTok user in Dubai has been arrested after he blew his nose on an AED500 note during a video stunt. He’s now been charged under the UAE’s cybercrime laws.

The social media user was arrested for “insulting the national currency”.

And it could get pretty bad as under the cybercrime laws in the UAE, they could impose a maximum penalty of AED1 million.

The news was posted up by Dubai Police via Twitter.

While he’s not been named, the TikTok video was published by BQ Productions, an event and production company in Dubai.

The video shows the man going to sneeze and grabbing an AED500 note from a big pile on the table to sneeze into. The video has now been deleted.

Staying with crime, police in Abu Dhabi have warned residents to look out for the fake ink fraud.

Scammers have been using ‘magic ink’ to write fake cheques and cash the proceeds!

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