RiSE festival Dubai Lantern
Photograph credit: Tumbral

Dubai To Bring The World’s Biggest Lantern Festival This Year

Thousands of lanterns will light up the Dubai sky on Friday, 8th November, with the debut of the world-renowned RiSE festival.

What’s RiSE festival about?

Thousands of festivalgoers descend upon Nevada’s Mojave desert every year to ignite the night sky with lanterns. It’s quite a life-changing experience, celebrating “the life, joys, dreams, hopes, and blessings,” with two days of music, drinks, food and a lavish display of lighting around the desert.

And for a place that garners a reputation as the ‘city of lights,’ it’s only fitting to host the festival in Dubai.

RiSE Festival coming to Dubai

Dan Hill, the man behind RiSE, is bringing the festival for the first time to Dubai. The location won’t be unveiled anytime soon, we reckon it’s likely to take place at a desert. The festival is open to all ages, so bring your families too!

RiSE festival Dubai Lantern

Photograph credit: Vegas Travel

Biodegradable lanterns

If you’re an eco-warrior, you’d probably be worried about the waste aftermath. Worry not, the festival is using 100% biodegradable lanterns and they’re doing to desert clean-up post-event.

Hill says, “RiSE Festival has a ‘leave it better than we found it’ policy. Our lanterns are custom engineered to be 100 percent biodegradable and to have a short flight distance. After the event our cleaning crews recover all of the lanterns from the surrounding desert as well as any pre-existing litter in the area, leaving the desert cleaner than it was when we arrived.”