Dubai to build Raining Street
Dubai to build Raining Street

Dubai to build ‘Raining Street’ where it literally rains every day

You honestly think you’ve seen it all in Dubai but then something comes along and takes your breath away – like creating Raining Street where it’s always, well, raining.

It’s all thanks to the clever tech people at the Kleindienst Group on the World Islands who are building a 1km long ‘raining street’ in its Heart of Europe project.

Once the temperature tops 27°C, the automatic system will start producing droplets of water. And these droplets can be controlled so it’s a light drizzle or even a heavy downpour.

So pack an umbrella or coat if you’re visiting Raining Street in Dubai. And that’s honestly not a sentence we ever thought we’d be typing.

The water spray is a well-used way to help people cool people down and is currently used at tourist attractions in Dubai including zoos.

Behind the technology

The clever but simple technology is an effective solution to the UAE’s summer temperatures.

“With the temperature ranging between 40 to 50 degrees Celsius during summer, people are not going to walk outside. Therefore, we need a technology to create an outdoor climate-controlled area,” said Josef Kleindienst, chairman of Kleindienst Group.

“So, we contacted engineers and consultants from the European institute who visited Dubai in 2008 to understand the climate here and conduct their research.”

“The technology ensures that as soon as the temperature goes above 27 degrees Celsius on the island, cold water in the form of rain will fall from top of the buildings through concealed pipes.” In total, the whole Heart of Europe is set to cost around $5 billion.

And, as we announced earlier in the year, parts of the Heart of Europe complex could be open at the end of this year.