Dubai Government Ranking system
Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office

Dubai To Start Ranking Its Best And Worst Government Services

Workers in the public sector need to start ramping up their performances at work because Dubai is about to start ranking its best and worst government service centres. 

Ranking system for UAE’s government services 

Several offices and government authorities will be evaluated based on their quality of work. On 14th September, Dubai will unveil its five best and worst performing government service centres.

Sheikh Mohammed warns government service centres 

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, says, “We have instructed to begin evaluating 600 government service centres. On September 14, we will announce the 5 least & best performing service centres. 

“My message to officials: We will not accept anything short of the 1st position globally in our services & facilities.”

Ranking system in the wake of Emirates Post’s poor service

Last April, the Emir of Dubai sent a ‘mystery shopper’ to an Emirates Post branch in Karama, to report on the quality of their service. It turned out there were long queues waiting at the branch, and few employees at work. The Ruler says, “This is not our level, nor our services. They will not be part of my team if they continue to provide this level of service.”