Dubai tops global pay packages with workers keeping most of their salary

A new global poll has revealed that employees in Dubai have the highest take-home salary due to the low tax rates in the region.

UK accountants PWC pulled together data from 14 of the biggest cities and countries in the world including Hong Kong, New York and Germany.

And it shows that Dubai workers get to keep most of their salary. That’s thanks to the largely tax-free structure in the UAE where a low rate of VAT has only just been added.

The data compares take-home salaries after tax and social security payments.

So if you want to keep all of your salary, then you know where you should live!

The study took place this March. And also shows that Dubai has been successful at attracting talent from across the world to work in its financial, commercial and tourism centres.

Rent prices

On the flip side, however, we might get the most out of our salary – but we have the fourth-highest rent prices in the world.

A new survey found that UAE residents spend 39.85% of their wages on rent. Tell us something we don’t know!

The study by UK comparison site money.co.uk. compared rent prices for three-bed properties across 50 destinations.

The most expensive place in the world to rent is Hong Kong where 50% of your wages will go on rent.

You will be pleased to know that Dubai wasn’t the highest in the Middle East, however. That award went to Qatar who came third.

The Middle East is an expensive place to live, however, with Qatar, the UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain all included in the Top 10.