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Dubai Tourist With Dhs 170,000 Fine Is No Stranger To Crime

Farah Hashi, the Brit tourist who racked up Dhs 170,000 worth of fines after rash driving on Sheikh Zayed Road last month, has a history in crime back in his home.

Previously he was attempting to commit arson

Six years ago, Hashi was jailed for threatening to attempt to set a house on fire. The night before the arson attempt, media outlet South Wales Argus reported he “banged on the front door at 3 am, put a length of wood through the letterbox and then threw it at the window.” The police arrived at the scene and rushed him to the hospital and the next morning, he took a taxi to a residential area and shouted that he would burn the house down, with a can of fuel and a lighter.

Here’s how he got fined on Sheikh Zayed Road

Without any knowledge about speed limits and its fines, the tourist drove recklessly between 126 km/h to 231 km/h on Sheikh Zayed road and Qarn Al Sabkah road on July 31st at midnight. He was driving a Dhs 1.3 million-worth Lamborghini Huracan and ever since the rash driving incident happened, he hasn’t been found and the car rental company are now responsible to pay the fines.

Car rental company still has his passport

Saeed Ali Rent a Car, the company who rented Hashi the exotic car, were paid Dhs 6,000 as an advance along with his passport as a collateral. The company is now responsible for clearing the fines since the radar catches a vehicle number plate and not the driver’s license. The speeding fines are worth Dhs 70,000 and there’s a Dhs 100,000 fees to get the car out of impoundment.

British Embassy has been approached

Since the passport belongs to the car rental company, they’ve communicated to the British Embassy about the situation. According to media outlet Motor 1, his brother, Adnan Hashi flew to Dubai to help and sort out Farah’s case.