Photograph credit: Flickr

Dubai Tourist’s Dhs170,000 Case Comes To An End

Finally, the Dubai tourist who racked up Dhs170,000 fine after speeding on Sheikh Zayed Road has come to an end after an agreement between him and the car rental company.

Fine was discounted by Dhs45,000

Mohammed Ibrahim, owner of Saeed Ali Rent A Car, the company that rented Hashi the Lamborghini Huracan, met him at the police traffic department where Hashi agreed to pay a discounted fine of Dhs 125,000, after reaching a deal with officials on the final payment. The case was going on for the last two weeks.

No one was ready to take the car

Neither were Saeed Ali Rent A Car ready to take the car and nor was Farah reachable. The car rental company were concerned that they may have to pay fines since radars can only catch vehicle number plates. The Huracan remained parked at the entrance of his hotel, Five Palm Jumeirah Hotel and Resort collecting dust all this time.

Hashi was no stranger to crime

Before his vacation to Dubai, he had a four-year jail term after threatening to set a house on fire. The incident happened in 2012 when he “banged on the front door at 3 am, put a length of wood through the letterbox and then threw it at the window” as reported by media outlet South Wales. The police arrived at the scene and rushed him to the hospital and the next morning, he took a taxi to a residential area and shouted that he would burn the house down, with a can of fuel and a lighter.

Here’s how he racked up fines worth Dhs170,000 in Dubai

Driving between speeds of 126 km/h to 234 km/h on Sheikh Zayed Road and on Qarn Al Sabkha Road, 33 radars caught him for exceeding the speed beyond 80 km/h and there was an additional fee of Dhs100,000 for endangerment. Ever since the incident took place, Hashi wasn’t found nor was reachable, while Saeed Ali Rent A Car reached out to the British Embassy for assistance.