Visitor smuggles drugs

Dubai Visitor Caught with Marijuana Hidden in Box of Potato Chips

Almost 8 kilograms of marijuana was found inside a box of potato chips after it was hidden there by a Dubai visitor.

An unlikely story


An official became suspicious when he noticed the 24 year old Indian man carrying a heavy box. Due to its weight, it seemed an unlikely story that the box contained only potato chips. The customs inspector asked the young visitor to open the box, revealing 7.8kgs of the illegal substance, marijuana, concealed beneath the salty snacks.

There is a strict list of forbidden items which must not be brought into the UAE. This guy is not the first and won’t be the last to get caught out by DXB’s highly trained officers. Last year, a would-be smuggler was found to have swallowed cocaine in an attempt to sneak the illegal substance into the country. Earlier this year, another criminal was found swimming in Dubai creek after ingesting drugs!

Not so chipper now

Following the incident which happened in July 2019, the Indian traveller appeared in court for the smuggling attempt.

He initially said that he had been bringing the drugs into the country on behalf of a Dubai resident. Later he admitted to the judge that the drugs were actually for his own personal use. Following medical tests, it was revealed that he had drugs in his system at the time he was arrested in Dubai International Airport.

A final verdict is expected to be announced on the 15th October 2019.