Dubai woman trapped in bathroom for nearly 24 hours
Dubai woman trapped in bathroom for nearly 24 hours

Dubai woman trapped in bathroom for almost 24 hours

As survival strategies go for 2020, locking yourself in your Dubai bathroom and hoping everything goes back to normal is pretty solid.

Sadly for Emma Kaiser, she got trapped in her bathroom for nearly an entire day by mistake.

Despite trying a make-up brush, nail cutter and scissors, she couldn’t get the door open. And, worse news, 2020 was still just as rubbish when she finally did get out. Although we bet she enjoyed her first taste of food in almost a day.

Trapped with no phone

Sadly, Emma was locked in her one-bedroom apartment in Deira without her phone. Meaning she couldn’t call for help and she could only listen on as friends and relatives tried to reach her by mobile. And, even worse than that, with no phone she couldn’t console herself by scrolling through the DubaiLAD news feed to kill the time!

“It was terrible. It seemed like an endless wait as I sat there with no sense of time and without knowing what is going to happen next,” Emma told Khaleej Times.

Emma got locked in at 7.15 pm and tried anything and everything to get the door open. “Nothing happened except that the handle came off. That is when I really started panicking,”

What would your next step be if you were locked in your Dubai bathroom? Yup, that’s right, start looking above and for windows.

“I told myself to calm down and to look for a way out. I climbed on the toilet seat and took off the false ceiling and started screaming for help. And then I banged the door with the door handle. As hours passed, I knew I was trapped.”

Her salvation came the next day when a family member knocked on her door. Together with the security guard, they broke down the bathroom door and freed Emma.

“It was such a huge relief and felt like I woke up from a scary dream. My advice to everyone living alone is to always keep their phone with them,” she said.