Photograph credit: Cherie Blair, Lucy Lake, Asif Saleh and Nick Canning @ GESF 2019

Education in eminence: 5 highlights from GESF 2018

Public figures and educators from across the world gathered together to address ways of improving education and the challenges remaining at the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai yesterday.

Policies were proposed to improve education.

Among a panel of Ministers, candidates pitched ideas they wish governments can adapt to improve education globally. Major organizations like the World Bank and Jindal Steel and Powerr pitched ideas and their plans to end childhood illiteracy. Also, Wendy Kopp, CEO of the ‘Teach For All’ network, proposed ideas for developing collective leadership among a shared vision among school pupils.

Artificial intelligence projects to revolutionize education were showcased.

Technology and education has always gone hand in hand helping ease learning and making education more accessible. Similarly, GESF had a range of technology-related concepts displayed at the forum. One such project is the ‘Co Writer’, wherein its robot can write and flip pages for young students finding writing challenging. Secondly, ‘Future Zone’, a virtual ecosystem, shows what natural ecosystems like coral reefs will look like if carbon emissions aren’t cut.

Lewis Hamilton too reflected on education.

During a speaker session at GESF, Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton talked about the challenges and harsh experiences he faced during his schooling days. He described his school teachers “weren’t being supportive” and he was often “bullied.” However, he forgives his teachers now, hoping they’re proud of his racing career.

This year’s Global Teacher Prize won $1 million.

Awarded by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UK based teacher Andria Zafirakou was declared the winner of the Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize, winning a huge cash price of $1 million(Dhs3.67 million). She was also congratulated by UK Prime Minister Theresa May. Besides, Zafirakou is a teacher at the Alperton Community School in Brent, UK.