Photograph credit: Pixabay

Egyptian Zoo Paints A Donkey In Black And White And Pretend They Have A Zebra

For the sake of cost cutting, this Egyptian zoo had an unordinary solution and zoo-goers were smart enough to identify the loophole, not only getting them in trouble but raising concerns about animal rights.

Donkey got painted in stripes

No kiddin’ but to increase its diversity of animals, Cairo’s International Garden municipal park did a paint job to a donkey, in black and white stripes to show that they’ve got a zebra. Judging by the photograph of the donkey, the painter seemed to have put quite a lot of time in the painting job, even its hair.

Wasn’t long to realize it wasn’t a Zebra

For the sake of footfall, the zoo business strives on getting new animals so it can attract crowds. However, in this case, Cairo’s International Garden got in trouble when Mahmoud A Sarhan, a student, noticed part of the paint on the donkey’s head had paint faded out and realized it wasn’t a zebra. He posted an image of himself with the donkey, calling it “stupidity”.

Photograph credit: Facebook/Mahmoud A. Sarhan

Mistreatment of animals has come a bad way this year

So far, this year has witnessed a bad deal of unusual treatment of animals that got animal rights supporters and animal lovers furious. Not so long ago, in May, to entertain a high school prom, the part organizers got a tiger at the ballroom in a cage and the tiger would go on to roar while there was fire on its sides, accompanied with dance performances.

Preservation is an important aspect in Dubai

Recently, the Marmoom Desert Reserve was launched by His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, which spans to 10% of Dubai’s total land area and is home to 19 endangered animal species. Also, Dubai’s Crown Prince, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum leads by example to help animals. Last month, he shared a series of videos showing how he saved an Arabian Gazelle which had a rope stuck on its leg and its horn. Check it out: