Merry elephants China
Merry elephants China

Elephants wander into a village, get merry on 30kg of fermented corn and fall asleep in a tea garden

It’s not just humans that are coping with the changing world right now, as a group of elephants made merry – very merry – after finding themselves 30kg of fermented corn.

The 14 elephants were looking for food and stumbled upon Xishuangbana in China. With much of the village on lockdown due to the Coronavirus, they had free reign.

While they might not have found much food, they did find 30GK of fermented corn. And the elephants proceeded to get very merry indeed!

After finishing the lot, they then proceeded to get comfortable in a nearby tea garden and sleep off the after-effects. Sounds like a good day out, to be fair.

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