Elon Musk DJ
Elon Musk DJ

Elon Musk releases new EDM track. Wait, what?!

That’s right. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, just casually dropped a Soundcloud link on Twitter to his new track.

Not content with being one of the world’s richest men, a technological innovator and disruptor, it seems that Elon is now a DJ and music producer. Because of course.

Don’t Doubt ur Vibe

The 48-year-old posted a SoundCloud link on his Twitter account, happily telling fans he wrote and performed the lyrics.

Considering the lyrics are literally ‘Don’t doubt your vibe because it’s true/don’t doubt your vibe because it’s you’ for four minutes, that’s perhaps not his greatest achievement in life.

Elon even changed his Twitter handle for the update. He now calls himself ‘E “D” M,’ and posted several pictures of him apparently at work in a music studio. It’s not been confirmed whether he was collaborating with his music-famous girlfriend Grimes or whether the music, beats and lyrics were his own work.

It’s fair to say Elon Musk is on something of a roll at the moment.

Tesla stock is sky high, the Model Y SUV is coming early and he’s riding a musical vibbbbbe at the moment.

Elon Musk. Space-ship maker, electric car champion, genius and musical producer. All in a day’s work, apparently.