Elon Musk goes on Twitter spree
Elon Musk goes on Twitter spree

Elon Musk wipes billions off his share price after Twitter spree

It’s always fun when Elon Musk goes off on a Twitter spree. You literally have no idea what’s coming.

One day it’s a new EDM tune he’s made. The next he’s telling the world he’s going to live on Mars.

What we do know is that his latest Twitter antics have wiped a $14 billion off Tesla’s market value. In one Tweet. Ouch.com.

The Tesla CEO tweeted “Tesla stock price [is] too high imo.” Tesla’s market valuation was worth around $141 billion before the first tweet and it nosedived to nearly $127 billion.

That’s literally all it took to lose $14 billion. That wasn’t the end, however.

He then tweeted to his 33.6 million followers: “I am selling almost all physical possessions. Will own no house” before sharing that his girlfriend Grimes is “mad” at him.

Elon Musk has history when it comes to Twitter and business decisions.

He was fined $20 million in 2018 for being found guilty of trying to manipulate Tesla’s stock via public Tweeting. He also agreed to have all future posts pre-screened by lawyers. We’re guessing they were on holiday or something, Elon?