Photograph credit: Eminem

Eminem Takes Over NYC To Perform ‘Venom’

Rap icon Eminem took over New York City’s iconic Empire State Building to perform his latest hit single, ‘Venom,’ featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Eminem on top of NYC’s Empire State Building

Big ups to Jimmy Kimmel, who proposed the Empire State Building Trust for the stunt. The members of the Trust were all in for this idea. Since Kimmel and Eminem have always been on good terms, the 46-year old rapper agreed to the stunt and performed ‘Venom’ on Empire State Building, accompanied with a dazzling light show.

‘Venom’ video shot on smartphone camera

Google contributed to stunt, offering to shoot the video on their latest Pixel 3 smartphone. According to entertainment news outlet, Variety, the entire video was shot on the smartphone, besides the wide-angle shots. The smartphone recorded the video in 30 frames-per-second(fps) and on 4k quality, its maximum capacity.

Shooting ‘Venom’ video on top of NYC a “terrifying” experience

Production for the stunt video began earlier this month, for two days. The shooting took place from 10 pm-4 am and a crew member found it a “terrifying experience,” afraid of looking over the top of the city. A crew member said “Looking over the side of the Empire State Building from the top is actually terrifying. You practically feel you’re about to fall off. Your palms get sweaty. It went off without a hitch — it’s surprising how drama-free and incident-free it was. The only problem was, where do you get something to eat at the Empire State Building at 2 a.m.?”