Photograph credit: Eminem

Eminem Unleashes 11-Minute-Long Freestyle Rap

Rap icon Eminem is taking it back to his “battle rap” roots dropping an 11-minute long freestyle in his home city, Detroit.

Dr Dre honoured in freestyle rap

Without Dre, the world would’ve never known about Eminem. Since his early days, the Detroit rapper kept mentioning him in his rap songs for helping him become the ‘Rap God’ he’s known as. He rapped “Since the day Dre gave me beats, I was made elite, that’s basically what makes me, me/Creating stink till these tats are fading ink/Who’s the greatest? Think, we’re still debating. Wink.”

Mumble rappers dissed

Just as if Kamikaze wasn’t enough to shut down mumble rappers, Eminem dropped bombs with a line dissing about how he sees their lead singles and why wouldn’t want to mess with him. He rapped “The bear you don’t want to poke is back, the backbone of rap/Your —- lead singles are my bonus tracks.”

Eminem raps about dating and violence

Another talking point about his freestyle rap was his take on dating and violence. The 45-year-old star battle rapped “I play for keeps/ there’s no escaping me/I have a — scared, and chained to me/and throw away the key/And she’ll be so afraid to leave/ that even if she ends up breaking free, she’ll just sit there.” Unusually, he ended up joking “I’m just playing ladies, you know I love you.”