Emirates brings back full salary for all employees
Emirates brings back full salary for all employees

Emirates bounces back and brings employees back to full salaries

It’s been the toughest of tough years for the world’s airlines, but Emirates has bounced back and brought its employees back to full salaries after reducing them during the peak of the pandemic.

With nearly all flights grounded for two months, Emirates asked its employees to take voluntary unpaid leave. Alongside that, a number of employees – thought to be up to a third – were laid off.

But as of October 1, Emirates will be bringing back full salaries for all employees according to an internal memo.

“You will be relieved to know that from October 1, we are reinstating full basic salaries across the board. This does not mean we are out of the woods – there are many challenges ahead in an environment of considerable uncertainty, and we will need to respond accordingly and decisively,” said Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, chairman and CEO of Emirates Airline and Group in a memo sent to employees.

Government help

A large part of Emirates’ success has been a series of payments from the UAE Government. In total, the UAE has given the airline over AED7.2 billion according to this Bloomberg report.

With the future looking brighter, Emirates predicts it will return to its full flying schedule by summer 2021.

Since re-opening to the public in the middle of June, Emirates has steadily grown its network. And according to Emirates Airline’s Chief Operating Officer, Adel al Redha, there’s been a huge increase in the last month.

“We have noticed the demand of the passengers wanting to travel. If I compare our performance now with a month ago, we have almost doubled the number of passengers we have been carrying onboard our aircraft as transit or terminating in Dubai.”

And that demand means that Emirates are likely to be back in full operation by summer 2021.

“We can easily say by summer [20]21 we will be serving 100 per cent of our network destinations, that means 143 destinations will be served by summer [20]21.”