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Photograph credit: Emirates

Emirates Clamps Down On Baggage Allowance For ‘Special’ and ‘Saver’ Tickets

Starting from 4th February, passengers who book economy-class ‘special’ and ‘saver’ tickets will be allowed to carry 25 kgs and 15 kgs of baggage, respectively, according to a circular distributed by Emirates this week.

How does the ticketing system work?

For those unaware about ticket bookings, here’s the deal. Emirates economy-class tickets are available in four fares: Flex, Flex-Plus, Special and Saver. The ‘Special’ and ‘Saver’ fares offer the cheapest rates, but they cannot be refunded and charge a fee for changing flights. Whereas, as the name suggests, ‘Flex’ and ‘Flex-Plus’ fares offer more flexibility for changing tickets and refunding them, Passengers can change travel dates at any time without charge and add two stopovers to their journey. The fares vary, but the seats don’t.

Photograph credit: Emirates

‘Special’ and ‘Saver’ baggage allowance cut by 5 kgs

As of now, ‘Special’ category ticketholders are allowed to check in baggage worth 30 kgs, while ‘Saver’ category ticketholders are allowed to carry 20 kgs. However, Emirates, who has a deserved reputation for its generous baggage allowances, issued a circular which states passengers with ‘special’ tickets will be allowed to carry 25 kgs of baggage, while passengers with ‘saver’ tickets will be allowed to carry 15 kgs.

Africa and Americas exempt

Meanwhile, the circular mentions flights that go and come from North and South America are exempt from the rule, as well as flights coming from Africa. The rule comes in effect from Monday, 4th February. Hand baggage allowance remains at seven kgs.