Photograph credit: Emirates

Emirates has introduced a new service making it easier to check-in

Luxury travel airline Emirates’ new Home Check-In feature allows passengers to check-in from home and its agent will pick up the luggage for you.


Service is available for all classes

Passengers can use the Home Check-In feature from their homes regardless of the class their travelling class. The service costs 350 dhs and an additional of 35 dhs will be charged per luggage. A total of seven pieces of luggage are allowed. The agent will provide with tags and conduct mandatory weight checks.

Luggage delivery services are available too

Passengers can enjoy the comfort of having their luggage delivered to their homes by Emirates’ home delivery service from Terminal 3 after clearing customs. Delivery charges vary based on the delivery location and can avail the service can only be done at the airport.

Photograph credit: Miles to Memories


Emirates won the ‘Airline of the Year’

Last month, Emirates won big at Air Transport Awards after being awarded the ‘Airline of the Year’. Being the world’s largest airline, they operate in 159 destinations across 85 countries, Last year, they introduced the luxurious Boeing 777-300ER First Class Private Suites with exclusive suites for passengers and had upgrades across all of its classes.