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Emirati Arrested For Locking His Workers In A Birdcage After UAE-India Match

Ahmed Al Mansoori addressed the speculation surrounding controversy when a video showing him next to a birdcage with his workers locked up after the UAE-India match went viral.

Viral video after UAE-India match

In a shocking video, Ahmed Al Mansoori was shown talking to his workers, locked up in a birdcage for cheering for their home country, India during the UAE-India match in the AFC Asian Cup. Once the video went viral and reached the authorities, his case was referred to the Public Prosecution and legal action was taken against him.

Workers locked up a criminal offence

UAE’s Public Prosecution initiated legal proceedings against Al Mansoori. As of now, the Emirati has been arrested. They said, “A warrant was issued for the man who made the video, and he was arrested and brought in for questioning. Not only is the act a criminal offence punishable by law in the UAE, it does not reflect the values of tolerance and respect. Discrimination is not acceptable, as we believe in equality of opportunity and meritocracy. People excel through their efforts and behaviour.”

Al Mansoori clarifies his actions

It turns out the video was a spoof. Ahmed Al Mansoori shared another video of him freeing his workers from the birdcage and clarified his intentions. He said, “These men are my workers, one of whom I’ve known for 22 years. I live with my men on this farm, we eat from the same plate. “I did not beat them, nor did I truly ‘lock’ them up.