Emirati Astronaut To Receive Halal Meals At The International Space Station

Talk about service! The Space Food Laboratory is preparing traditional halal meals for the first Emirati astronaut, Hazza Al Mansouri.

First Emirati astronaut to receive halal meals

Dining in space is very different from what we may think. The Space Food Laboratory is preparing traditional Emirati meals like balaleet, saluna and madrouba. Balaleet is a popular breakfast dish, serving vermicelli with eggs and onion. Saluna is an authentic Bedouin dish made with chicken and vegetables. Madrouba is known as a comfort food dish, made of soft rice, chicken and aromatic spices. 

Hazza Al Mansouri the first Emirati astronaut to visit the International Space Station 

25th September 2019 will go down as one of the most historic dates in the UAE’s aerospace history. Hazza Al Mansouri will embark on an eight-day mission at the International Space Station. He will be conducting earth observations, interacting with ground stations and sharing information. 

Photograph credit: Wam

Al Mansouri completing his training in Russia 

Last year, UAE announced Al Mansouri and Sultan Al Neyadi as the two nominated astronauts to undergo training in Germany. Al Neyadi is covering as a backup for Al Mansouri. 

Hazza Al Mansouri halal meals first astronaut

Photograph credit: Wam

Salem Al Merri, from the UAE Astronaut Programme, says, “We are proud of the level that the astronauts have reached due to their huge effort and the support provided to them. They gained a lot of experience through the intensive training that they underwent so far, which qualifies them to carry out the task perfectly.”