Photograph credit: Gulf News

Emirati based in Abu Dhabi makes it into an Ivy League school

Abdulla Al Jefri has an inspiring story of how nine years of hard work and education has led him to receive an offer by one of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions.

Al Jefri is accepted to Harvard University for a masters degree

Selected for the Edward S Mason Masters Programme in Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, he’s the first Emirati to be selected for the program. According to Harvard Kennedy School website, it’s a yearlong course for those “with a record determination to advance positive growth and change in your country or region.”

Photograph credit: Giphy

Rash driving had ended his life once

Speeding and reckless driving led him to a near-fatal accident to a palm tree in Abu Dhabi. As reported by Gulf News, Al Jefri was left paralysed with a “broken left leg and hip,” due to which he discontinued higher education from Petrol Institute in Abu Dhabi. His struggles started in 2009 when he started working at the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department and went on purse higher education again. He now has two degrees, from Al Ain University and Paris Sorbonne University, Abu Dhabi.

Admission to Harvard is part of the Emirates Leadership Initiative

Part of the collaboration between Center of Public Leadership, Middle East Initiative and the UAE government, the Emirates Leadership Initiative gives young leaders in the country to study at Harvard as a graduate fellowship. Abdulla Al Jefri is a success story of the initiative.

Photograph credit: UAE-USA United

Emiratis have had several success stories of Ivy League schools in the past too

Last year, Fatima Al Qusaibi established herself as a symbol of female empowerment as she was the first female Emirati to graduate from Harvard Law School with a master’s degree. She also got offers from universities like Cornell University and University of Berkley and is now working as a Senior legal associate at Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.