honey badger

Emirati farmer catches honey badger who killed AED80,000 worth of his livestock.

An Emirati farmer, Ali Hasan Al Qaydi, managed to catch a honey badger who killed and ate about 35 sheep on his farm in Al Musaili, Ras Al Khaimah over the space of two years.

Last week, he finally caught the honey badger after setting up a series of traps and then managed to move it into a metal cage!

What a mission! They can attack humans if provoked, so it was certainly a game of outsmarting the creature.

A Rare Find

Honey Badgers are rarely found here. They are actually native to Africa, parts of Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

In a video that was filmed before the farmer handed the animal over to the authorities, it is seen growling and baring its teeth.

In a recent interview, Mr Al Qaydi said: “I didn’t know what kind of animal I was after. From its foot prints near water I assumed it was a wolf.”

In total, the Honey Badger killed 35 of his livestock and also destroyed beehives on his property.

Mr Al Qaydi’s cousin, who runs a nearby farm, has also lost 15 sheep to attacks three months ago and the two believe that it was the same honey badger!  They think this is the case, because animals had similar wounds and there were familiar tracks nearby.

Al Qaydi Set Up Numerous Traps

He set up traps across the farm using raw meat as bait and when that didn’t work, he set up four cages at a stream near to where he believed the honey badger lived.

While checking the traps last Thursday, he saw that it had been caught by one and then handlers from Sharjah Environment and Protected Areas Authority collected the animal.

It Seems Like There May be More!

In a news report from The National, Dr Iftikhar Raza, from Pawsitive Veterinary Clinic in Dubai said that there are definitely others Honey Badgers in the area as this one looks healthy and must have been born here…

Sharja banned private ownership of dangerous animals before federal law came into force, so we doubt anyone is holding them as pets! Or so we hope….