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Take a bow, Khaled Jamal Al Suwaidi! The Emirati long-distance runner completed an astonishing 2070 km marathon from Abu Dhabi to Mecca to perform Umrah rituals.

Marathon from Abu Dhabi To Mecca

As a tribute to Arab Coalition martyrs in Yemen and to the strong ties between UAE and Saudi Arabia, Emirati marathon runner Dr Khaled Jamal Al Suwaidi bid to run from his hometown, Abu Dhabi to Mecca within five weeks. The 34-year-old long distance runner embarked on the journey on 1st February, saying “Every step of the 2070 kilometres I make during this journey will be a prayer for the Arab Coalition martyrs in Yemen and a modest expression of the fraternal ties between the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Photograph credit: Instagram

2070 km completed in 29 days

Last week, Al Suwaidi completed the 2070 km-long journey to Umrah, at an average of 60 km daily. Despite sustaining a fracture on his left knee cap and experiencing extreme pain on the 26th day, the Emirati runner continued his trek completing nearly 70 km daily in the last three days. He said, “Yes there will be pain and suffering while trying to achieve anything in life, and there will be times of doubt and anxiety. But they all will subside sooner or later and your reward for withering the storm is self-fulfilment.”

Photograph credit: Instagram

“Greatest experience” he could ask for

His marathon finish was met with praise and support from followers as he posted daily updates of his journey. Al Suwaidi believes it was the “greatest experience” he could wish for. He said, “I witnessed smiles and happiness in the faces of everyone around me and it was a surreal experience. I must say that this journey has been the greatest experience I could have asked for, 29 days of constant forward motion and the drive to overcome every obstacle in my way.”

Photograph credit: Instagram

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