Emirati Suspense Thriller ‘A Tale Of Shadows’ Sequel In The Works

Emirati director Tariq Al Kazim’s 2017 suspense thriller ‘A Tale of Shadows” is greenlit for a sequel, slated for a 2020 release.

‘A Tale Of Shadows’ second instalment

In case you haven’t seen it, or need a quick refresher, here’s the basic plot of ‘A Tale Of Shadows.’ The film follows the traumatic time a gardener faces after finding work at a new farm. He witnesses a series of mysterious things like a woman wearing a white robe and shadowy figures roaming around the farm. The sequel, ‘A Tale of Shadows: Illusions,’ will trace an investigation after a young girl covered in blood appears in a hospital.

Lead actors Chuka Ekweogwu and Arzu Neuwirth make a return

Hot on the heels of the shooting Netflix’s biggest budget film till date, ‘6Underground,’ Nigerian actor Chuka Ekweogwu is set to reprise his lead role as ‘The Gardener,’ alongside German actress Arzu Neuwirth from ‘The Misfits,’ making a return to play the role of ‘The Woman In White,’ followed by a line-up of homegrown acting talents.

‘Before Suicide’ actor Robert Cristian Trif roped in as cast

Romanian actor and UAE Short Film Festival’s “Best Foreign Actor of the Year” recipient Robert Cristian Trif has been included in the cast for the sequel. He has been nominated for the ‘Best Actor’ award six times at theatre and film festivals around the world. He’s no stranger to the horror genre, having played numerous roles in short films and theatrical productions.