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Employees in UAE can now work two jobs at once

Without requiring an approval from their employer, workers can work up to two jobs simultaneously after acquiring the part time contract workers’ permit.

Workers with a university degree or diploma are eligible for the contract.

Decided by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation(MOHRE), workers holding a university degree or a diploma(2-3 years) can be recruited as a secondary employee. Whereas, an ongoing full time contract cannot be converted to a part time contract once the full time contract ends.

Working on two jobs will reduce dependency of recruiting foreign labor.

Companies in UAE won’t face the pressure of recruiting workers from abroad as they can now recruit workers with existing jobs. It will be helpful in reducing labor costs for factors such as visas or secondary employee fees and will boost productivity among workers.

The part time contract is subject to important rules.

Employer and employee relations make an important part of the part time contract. Both employers and the employee should have clear terms as per number of working hours, number of days off every week and bearing the employee’s annual leave.

The part time contact workers’ permit has now been implemented. For more information, go to