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Employer Allegedly Tries To Get Worker Deported By Hiding Drugs In His Car

There are many ways in which to fire an employee… break it to them gently face to face or a sympathetic letter, for example.  But, it is suspected that an employer based in Ras Al Khaimah hatched a shocking plan to frame an employee so he’d be deported.

Boss tried to hide drugs in employee’s car

Wanting to fire her Asian employee, cancel his visa and have him sentenced for deportation, a RAK-based female employer ordered her nephew to hide drugs inside the employee’s car. The nephew hid narcotic crystals in the trunk of his car.

Nephew claims he was “not aware” of what he was up to

When the employee discovered the narcotics, he alerted RAK Police and his case was referred to Public Prosecution. An investigation identified the employer, her nephew and her husband as the suspects responsible for the incident. The nephew defended the accusation, claiming he wasn’t aware of what he was up to. He said, “I was under the influence of narcotics at that time, and was not aware of what I was doing.”

Employer denies charges

According to Khaleej Times, the employer’s lawyer claims that she, her husband nor her nephew had anything to do with the incident. The lawyer says, “They did not agree with the first defendant to hide the narcotic crystals in the complainant’s car, and denied the charges altogether.” A final verdict will be issued on Wednesday, 29th May.