Huge gold gorilla and tiger seen flying through Dubai
Huge gold gorilla and tiger seen flying through Dubai

Enormous gold gorilla and tiger statues seen flying through Dubai

Two huge statues of a gold gorilla and tiger were seen flying through the city yesterday by a fleet of helicopters.

And while King Kong taking over Dubai would totally have fitted into 2020’s script so far, the ape and the tiger were actually destined for the Wane by SoMiya pool club and lounge at the Address Dubai Marina hotel.

Unsurprisingly, videos of the giant tiger and gold gorilla flying through Dubai’s skyscrapers went viral.

And here you can see one of the huge gold statues in action, prowling along the side of the pool.

The new Wane by SoMiya opens on October 15 and is on the fourth floor of the Address Dubai Marina hotel.

Toy Room open again

In other party news, we’re delighted to say Toy Room are back in action after 6 months off.

In keeping with the ‘new normal,’ they’ll be running a more lounge style feel in the club including a delicious food menu.

They’re open every Thursday and Friday night from 11 pm until 4 am with their Monday and Saturday nights to start again later in the month.