BMW Indian lad River push

Entitled Kid Pushes Brand New BMW Into A River

An Indian lad pushed his brand-new BMW vehicle into a river because he wanted a Jaguar for his birthday gift.

BMW birthday present pushed into a river

Some people only dream of rollin’ in a BMW however this ungrateful lad obviously thinks differently.

The 22-year-old lad from Haryana, India wanted a Jaguar for his birthday. Instead, his parents bought him a brand-new BMW sedan. Unimpressed by the gift, he pushed the car into a river, getting is stuck in a patch of tall grass.

As if this isn’t insane enough, he even filmed the entire incident pushing the BMW into the river and later trying to take the car out. Check out the dramatic footage:

Lad in police custody

Local media claim the 22-year-lad is now in police custody. There’s no confirmation whether he’s going to serve a jail term, however.

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BMW Indian lad River push