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Etisalat & Du Roll Out 5G Network In UAE

Telecom giants Etisalat and du are speeding up its offerings with the introduction of the ultra-fast 5G network in the UAE.

What’s 5G?

Simply put, 5G is regarded as the next generation of mobile broadband that will replace the current 4G LTE technology. With 5G networks, smartphone users can expect faster download and upload speeds, with speeds reaching 1Gbps. American telecom operator AT&T was the first carrier to roll out 5G network last December and has expanded to South Korea, Japan, and now, the UAE.

Etisalat the first carrier to roll out 5G offerings

As of now, Etisalat is offering 5G-compatible ZTE Axon 10 Pro smartphones, without any additional fee, for post-paid and pre-paid customers with an existing data package. The smartphone costs above Dhs 5,555 and customers can choose flexible plans, ranging from 12-24 months, starting from Dhs 241.

du introduces 5G network with free phones to select customers

Boasting a speed of 1.26 Gbps, du has given out its first batch of 5G-enabled Axon 10 Pro smartphones to select pre-registered customers. du says, “We’re proud to have been the first to provide a live experience of the 5G network in the UAE at the fastest speed of 1.26 Gbps and first to provide pre-registration. Today we’re pleased to give the first batch of Axon Pro 10 phones for free to our pre-registered customers.”