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Everything you need to know about La Mer’s new Laguna Water Park

Dubai’s most happening leisure and entertainment hub La Mer is home to the all-new Laguna Water park with nine components to look out for and is set to open in May.

Its five water-slides will give you the adrenaline rush excitement

Adventurers and those looking for an action-packed experience will enjoy a great deal at the water-slide complex wherein they’ve got five distinctive water-slides and each of them provides an experience of thrill and excitement. First off, they’ve got a freefall where riders plunge down into a water-slide leading to the splashdown lane. Secondly, the Manta slide is for groups of four or six, who will be taken for a ride full of twists and turns across large spheres as well as 90-degree corners.

Similarly, the Constrictor’s inner tube ride will take riders through turns across tight corners leading to the SuperBowl where the centrifugal will keep riders circulating on its high banks. Whereas, as the name suggests, The Loop water-slide will take riders through a horizontal loop in a capsule and lastly, the Mad Racer will witness riders competing against friends in a racing-themed ride through wrenching bumps as obstacles.

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Water-sports players can compete at the WaveOz 180

Flow-boarders and surfers can flaunt their skills at Laguna Water Park’s WaveOz 180 which spans 187 feet wall-to-wall along the top of the ride surface, allowing a maximum of four riders to ride at the same time. It can also control the water speed, making it easier for those new to surfing.

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Children can enjoy the Splash Pad and Aqua Play

Apart from the adventurous rides, they’ve got two zones for children. The Splash Pad will keep children busy with several pads positioned near to each other and there’s plenty of space from where parents can keep an eye on. Whereas the Aqua Play has got straight and looping slides as well as a tipping bucket for children aged 4-12 and under the height of 110 cms.

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Riders can relax at the lazy river or the pool

Adding to the rides, the water park has a lazy river where riders can relax on tubes after experiencing a whirlwind of adventures. Alongside, its high-end pool lounge is open only to ages 18 and above, where food and beverages are served along with sheesha provided too. The pool also gives access to the beach.

Laguna Water Park will also have a restaurant and a rooftop balcony

Concluding to a daylong adventure, riders can dine at their main restaurant as well as walk across the rooftop balcony showing endless Instagram-worthy views of La Mer and the city. They’ve also got cabanas for those who prefer to stay and relax.