Photograph credit: Pixabay

Everything you need to know about the all new OnePlus 6

Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus has been on the rise in the smartphone market since its five years of inception. Their latest smartphone, OnePlus 6 has got many upgrades and improvements.

Camera specs have got better
Several camera settings have been improved for the latest model. The smartphone comes with a 16 MP sensor with 19% bigger pixels, making it better to take photographs in areas with low light settings. The camera has an incredible aperture of f/1.7 and has bought back the Optical Image Stabilization, useful in reducing the chances of blurred photographs.

Software has upgraded to Android 8.1

Released last December, the new Android update has improved on its display and notifications features. This means the OnePlus 6 users can use multiple newly introduced fonts or download them, reduce the frequency of location updates, directly connect to Mopria-certified printers(97% of them have this certification) and use the ‘Project Treble’, making it easier to download new Android updates. Plus, watch out for the apps once they have a notification, it’s gonna have a bigger font and will be highlighted.

Four colours are available in the phone

Here’s the breakdown, they’ve got three colours and one Marvel edition smartphone for those into pop culture. The phone is available in silk white, midnight black and in mirror black, with a smooth reflective surface. The Avengers edition is only available in China and India. By the looks of its photographs, they’ve got an Avengers logo in the black and are providing a cover and are providing an Iron Man case.

OnePlus is available in UAE

For now, the phone is being sold on e-commerce outlets and on My GSM( On, the Mirror Black version is being sold for Dhs 2,199, with 6GB RAM and has memory space of 64 GB. Whereas, My GSM is selling the same version but with 8GB RAM and memory space of 128 GB for Dhs 2,624.