Everything you need to know about the first Bollywood outdoor cinema

Wafi’s rooftop is hosting Dubai’s first outdoor Bollywood cinema screening cult Bollywood films every Sunday till May 6th at evenings.


There’s more to watching films

Filmgoers will have lots to look forward to at the outdoor cinema. They’ve got bean bags to add to a comfortable experience along with a variety of Indian street food by Asha’s. They’ve also got a licensed bar and will be serving themed movie cocktails.

Image credit: Dubai Week

Packages are available in standard and VIP

Tickets for the film screenings cost 70 dhs and will be provided with masala popcorn as well as a hard/soft drink while the VIP experience offers a luxurious experience, with sofa seating and a three-course meal provided by Asha’s.

Image credit: Twitter.com/geekyranjit

Cinemas have been on the rise in Dubai

Recently, Rove Downtown introduced a 49 seater boutique cinema and was the first hotel in UAE to have its own cinema. Similarly, the Lotus Mega Yacht provides an unmatched experience of a 60 seater cinema on a yacht with lavish features like sofa seating and customized lighting to suit the ambience.


Tickets for the Bollywood outdoor cinema are available online on Platinumlist. To book tickets, visit: https://bit.ly/2qCXJho