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Everything you’ve got to know about the Lotus Mega Yacht

Known as the biggest yacht in town, the Lotus Mega Yacht is capable of handling 600 guest and has got a great deal of exclusive features inside for a perfect day out for your family and friends.

Wallow yourself in the swimming pool and a waterfall on board.

Chilling out on a yacht is on a whole new level at this larger-than-life sized yacht. You can relax by the swimming pool with friends and enjoy the waterfall close to the lounge. Alongside, they’ve got a Jacuzzi to add to a luxurious experience.

Rooftops never looked better at the Mega Yacht.

Sizing as much as three storeys tall, its spacious rooftop is covered with a contemporary designed terrace roof to keep you away from the sunlight and it’s ideally the best place for group photographs for your family and friends. While at the rooftop, look out for the promising views of the city during sunset.

Its lounge will keep you cool.

For those who prefer indoors over staying outside, there’s ample of seating around the indoor lounge to chat with your friends and relax while on the yacht. It’s the ideal venue to network during corporate events. Whether you’re inside or outside, you can enjoy the views of Dubai and the waters of the Arabian Sea

Brunch through a 5 star buffet during the weekend.

Living up to the promise that they have “everything to offer,” the Mega Yacht hosts a lavish buffet on Fridays and Saturdays serving international cuisine with beverages, making up for an exceptional gastronomic experience. Along with the buffet, they’ve got a barbecue station as well as counters for sushi, desserts and salads.

Disco on a yacht? #OnlyinDubai

Yep they’ve got it! Capable of up to 150 guests, the club provides complimentary DJ services with relatively dark lighting, ideal for birthday parties, school/university reunions and gatherings. Plus, if required, their team can make special arrangements to fulfill your wishes for designing the party or if any additional equipment is necessary.

Relish the experience of watching films at their cinema.

As much as this concept has been unheard of, the Mega Yacht’s cinema will revolutionize the experience of watching a film. With spacious seats for up to 70 guests, they’ve got a wide screen as well as lighting on the sides that can be adjusted to set the ambience.

Image credit: Dutch Oriental

Instagram opportunities at the Mega Yacht are endless.

Don’t miss out on witnessing the romantic combination of pink, blue and red skies during the sunset from its rooftop while you’re in the middle of the Arabian Sea. Other than that, no other place can provide better promising views of landmarks like Burj Al Arab, Atlantis and the Dubai Marina skyline as much as from the Mega Yacht.