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Exclusive Interview: Lost Frequencies Talks About Dubai, New Music Label & “Are You With Me”

Belgian melodic house master Lost Frequencies has been responsible for two of the hottest tropical house tracks of late, “Are You With Me” and “Reality.” Ahead of his gig at Skyline Thursdays at The Penthouse, FIVE Palm Jumeirah, DubaiLAD had the chance to chat with the 25-year-old DJ about his impressions of Dubai, making it big from Belgium, his music label, Found Frequencies and more.

Welcome to Dubai, Felix! How does it feel to be back?

Thanks guys! Dubai is great fun and a crazy place that is always enjoyable. It’s like a different world out here, so many skyscrapers and fascinating architecture. Oh, and you guys also have unbeatable weather!

What impact does Belgium have on your tropical house music style?

I don’t think I sound specifically Belgian in the music I make. Today’s artists usually go down the big-room or techno route, like the guys that are doing so well are making harder styles, Charlotte De Witte and cool artists like that!

I think the music I make sounds European compared to the more trap and bass sounds in the US but that’s something I like to explore in my DJ sets, a lot of different genres. I never set out to make Tropical beats specifically but I just love how no matter where you are, what the weather is, how your feeling, I want it to lift people up and bring them positive energy! I want them to feel what I felt making the track, no matter how the listener interprets the emotion.

Talk us through your label, ‘Found Frequencies’ and the type of music you produce?

My label Found Frequencies was “founded” so that I could really give a home to all these cool demos I was receiving! So many artists around me were making edits, collabs, their own original tracks, but with no home to place them! With Found Frequencies, we wanted to highlight new talents and fresh releases from artists across the spectrum of dance music.

Since your teens, you’ve had fixtures at global festivals and events across the world. What’s your favourite thing about being on the road?

I think getting to experience so many different cultures and getting to play to fans in places I never thought I would – Dubai, Tokyo, Mexico, China; it doesn’t matter where, it’s still a crazy feeling!

“Are You With Me” was a massive hit. It’s been four years since its release! Do you still enjoy dropping the track during parties and the response?

I don’t play it in every set but the fans still go crazy for it, I also play out different versions to keep things fresh so I might play the Deluxe version from the edited version of my debut album, or one from another DJ like Kungs or DJ Fresh from the original remix package, so it still creates that excitement and freshness in the club.

Catch Lost Frequencies perform at Skyline Thursdays at The Penthouse, FIVE Palm Jumeirah. Resident DJ NSI and Two Pauz will get the crowds going with their sets. An evening brunch takes place from 9 pm. Click here for reservations.