Extra third vaccine dose given to some UAE residents
Extra third vaccine dose given to some UAE residents

Extra third vaccine dose given to some UAE residents

A third vaccine dose has been recommended for some UAE residents to help protect them against Covid-19.

Around 2,000 people in the UAE have been given a third booster dose of the Sinopharm vaccine. The extra doses were given after their immune systems were found to have not responded to the vaccine, a health expert said.

“We recommend that if you want to do so, it’s within the period of three months of receiving your second shot, and then every three months to ensure that you have a sufficient level of antibodies to prevent, or fight against severe forms of Covid-19,” Walid Zaher, chief research officer of G42 Healthcare, the company responsible for distributing the Sinopharm vaccine in the UAE, told Dubai Eye’s Business Breakfast programme.

But he also warned that it’s only a very small number of people who need a third vaccine booster.

“It’s a very small number compared to the millions who have received the vaccine already,” he said.

“The main purpose here is to ensure the safety of everyone, and that was already achieved. It happens that some people will not respond as well as other people.”

And the UAE has plenty of Sinopharm vaccine supplies so there won’t be any shortages.

“It has been shown within the context of a study, to boost immunity to a protected level from Covid-19, and that was the purpose behind giving the third shot to some people,” he said.

“Let’s think of this as a flu, and it’s known that every year you have to renew your flu shot. So think of it as the same thing.”

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