Facebook Announces the Launch of Horizon, its Virtual Reality World

The nerds amongst us are going to be losing their minds over an announcement released by Facebook yesterday. Set to launch in 2020, Facebook’s virtual world, Horizon, will be accessible using Oculus headgear.

Think Sims but on a whole new level

You remember Sims, right? That game where you take a character, build a life for it and make it do stuff? Well, Facebook Horizon is kind of like that, except you’re the character.

It has the same sandbox concept as Sims, meaning there’s no real goal to the game. When you begin playing, you show up in a town square, where you get a chance to decide how you want to look, using the avatar options available. Once you’ve got your virtual self decked out and looking sharp, you begin to create your own world within Horizon.

Users of the VR headset will be able to construct their own environments and features including vacation spots, homes, games. It’s even possible to design your own clothes. And you don’t need to know how to code to get involved in this parallel universe, simply put the headset on and join in.

Being a Horizon citizen

Credit: Facebook

As a citizen of Horizon, you can catch up with friends, meet new acquaintances. Fellow players will be milling around inside this surreal world and you’ll be able to interact with them. If you get stuck, you can approach a Horizon Local (a real person, playing the game as a guide) for help.

Trolls can be an off-putting hazard of socialising on the internet, but inside Horizon, you can protect yourself from haters. With the ability to define your personal boundaries, you can stop unwanted people from getting all up in your face. You’ll also be able to mute, block and report other players in the more traditional fashion.

Here’s the man himself, Mark Zuckerberg, trying out VR technology.

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