Dubai Police rumour letter

‘Fake Message’ Stating Dubai Police Excuse a Saudi From Speeding Fine Going Viral

There’s fake news floating around social media about a Saudi national exempted from a speeding ticket in the UAE, to which Dubai Police clarifies it’s an “old” letter.

False rumour about Saudi excused from speeding fine

Recently, a social media user posted the letter that reads,

“Dear driver, as a guest of the United Arab Emirates, we hope you had a pleasant visit to Dubai. The police were pleased to welcome you and hope you had a good stay. We are sorry to inform you that a radar caught you speeding. “We will dismiss this traffic offence this once… our target is not to focus on your violation but on your safety… your safety is our goal.”

Dubai Police denies rumour

Colonel Faisal Issa Al Qassim, director of the Dubai Police security media department, claims the letter was issued ten years ago in line with an initiative to “spread joy” during public holidays. He told

“The logo on the letter is an old one, and this particular message was published 10 years ago as part of an initiative launched by Dubai Police General Command to spread joy to the public during holidays and special events.”

Colonel Faisal Issa Al Qassim, director of the Dubai Police security media departmen

Dhs1 million fine for sharing fake news

Be cautious if you share videos and content regularly. There’s a hefty fine for sharing fake news via social media in the UAE, up to a staggering one million dirhams.

UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority says:

“Remember that not everything you read on social media is true, some are just rumours that can cause harm to others or to the state. We ask you to always verify the source and to use the official accounts of the government to verify the news.”

Dubai Police rumour letter

Photograph credit: PxHere