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Fake News Leads To Troll War Between Elon Musk And Fortnite

Business magnate Elon Musk knows when to have a good laugh. This time, he had a war of trolls on Twitter with gaming giant Fortnite after discovering a spurious article.

Fake news about Musk purchased Fortnite

Musk posted a screenshot of the article spreading false news about him purchasing the game and deleting it. The article was titled “Elon Musk buys Fortnite and deletes it,” followed by a line stating the reason, which reads “I had to save these kids from eternal virginity.” The 47-year old, known for his hilarious sense of humour, jokingly admitted it “had to be done.”

Fortnite trolls Musk for SpaceX building time

Video gaming giant Fortnite, which boasts an enormous 125 million players held fire on Musk’s tweet but trolled him for his prediction on how long it will take to build the ambitious SpaceX on Mars. The tech giant revealed it might take a decade to develop the human settlement in an article by Inverse. To which, Fortnite shared the article trolling Musk “A whole decade Elon Musk? Just build it, LOL!”

Musk-Fortnite troll war doesn’t end there

While gamers cheered Fortnite’s troll, Musk had a low-key response, ending the banter by replying “Reality is hard.” The war continued with trolls among social media users. Musks followers joked about Fortnite as it took six years to build the game, while Fortnite gamers joked about living in a generation witnessing banters between a “CEO genius” and a “goddamn video game for teens.”