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Famed ocean liner QE2 is opening after ten years in Dubai

It was active for nearly 40 years

Since its inception in 1969 as a cruise ship, she was part of several historical events and was used by prominent historic figures. Prince Charles was the first passenger travelling from Southampton to New York, taking nearly five days. She was also used by British troops in the Falklands War in 1982 at its South Georgia territory.

QE2 was succeeded by RMS Queen Mary 2

Currently, the RMS Queen Mary 2 built in 2003 is the only transatlantic liner and is the largest passenger ship built for the British Cunard Line, able to handle 2,695 passengers and 1,253 crew members. It has a top speed of 30 knots(56 kms/h), with a length of 1,132 ft and a height of 236.2 ft.

Up to 1,800 passengers can fit in the ship

Till its successor in 2003, Queen Elizabeth 2 was the largest passenger ship built for the British Cunard Line, with a length of 963 ft and a height of 171 ft, capable of 1,777 passengers a crew of 1,000. She can speed up to 34 knots(63 km/h).

Mina Rashid is now her permanent home

After 39 years, the ocean liner had retired in 2008 with its final voyage from Cork, UK to Douglas Harbour at Isle of Man. In its span of four decades, she clocked 9.1 million kilometres, carrying 2.5 million passengers and had completed 806 crossings over the Atlantic Ocean.

QE2 is now transformed into a floating hotel

Taking 2.7 million hours of redevelopment, the ocean liner is now transformed into a repainted luxury hotel with 13 restaurants and bars set to launch in October 2018. It will be operated by PCFC Hotels by Government of Dubai.

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