Cruise Driverless car
Cruise Driverless car

Fancy a ride in this new driverless car with no steering wheel or pedals?

General Motor‘s have just released details of their first-ever driverless car. The Cruise Origin is an electric car designed alongside Honda and has no steering wheel, mirrors or pedals.

The car runs without any driver input and is designed for shared ownership. “It’s not a product you buy, it’s an experience you share,” according to Chief executive Dan Ammann.

The new driverless car is an attempt by General Motors to help reduce emissions, accidents and congestion.

Speaking at the launch in San Francisco, he said the Cruise Origin was not a concept vehicle: “It is self-driven. It is all-electric. It is shared.”

The driverless car of the future?

Essentially, the driverless car has no front and instead is two back halves joined together. There are two sliding doors in the middle to reveal a huge seating area. And each car has two in-built sensors to pick up and react to any dangers.

In addition, the Cruise has clocked up nearly a million miles over the past year driving around San Francisco. In other words, it could make the Abu Dhabi to Dubai commute over 11,000 times before it hits that benchmark. And it’s designed to wrack up the miles.

It’s, therefore, no surprise to find out it was designed to be used as part of a ride-hailing service. Meaning you could order an Uber or Careem in the near future and this bad boy would turn up!

However, it’s not been confirmed when the car will go into production nor how many the company planned to build.

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